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The domestication of stallions and mares can be analyzed separately by looking at those portions of the DNA that are passed on exclusively along the maternal (mitochondrial DNA or mt DNA) or paternal line (Y-chromosome or Y-DNA).

DNA studies indicate that there may have been multiple domestication events for mares, as the number of female lines required to account for the genetic diversity of the modern horse suggests a minimum of 77 different ancestral mares, divided into 17 distinct lineages.

If you want to recommend, I prefer the younger ones," he said.

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I only exchange photos and phone number with serious clients," he said.

He also specifies that he only takes one client at a time and allows a three day gap between each client for hygiene purposes."That is very important and you don't have to worry about STD as I go for screenings every month," said Jet, when questioned about the safety from contracting Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) when indulging in such dalliance."Do not go to just anyone.

Sacramento is the capital of California and a city that is rich with history, culture and countless things to impress you!

The famous saying from Sacramento is that “California begins here” and after spending a little bit of time here you will understand why.There is also evidence that horses were kept as meat animals prior to being trained as working animals.Further, all modern horse populations retain the ability to revert to a feral state, and all feral horses are of domestic types; that is, they descend from ancestors that escaped from captivity.There are six buildings at the museum that cover an area of 225,000 square feet.You will find many restored railroad cars and locomotives that were originally used throughout the state.He even offered a 90 to 95 per cent discount for certain dates in Oct as it was his birthday."I usually meet my clients for a romantic dinner first before we go to a hotel.