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The 29-year-old actor is currently in Athens, Greece as a guest in DZMM's Global Pinoy Singing Idol.ABS-CBN Europe News Bureau got to sit down with Anderson during the event.Recently, the two have been reportedly dating again after their breakup seven years ago in a short-lived whirlwind romance.

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In fact, he takes Jessy with him for Sunday family dinners at his mom, Batangas Rep. Luis may have had a lot of showbiz exes in the past that became close to Ate Vi, and fortunately, she is fond of Jessy too.

“Jessy is very thoughtful, in fact nagulat nga ako noong Valentine’s Jessy sent flowers on her own kay Mommy.

He answered: "Oo naman, basta bagay 'yung sa aming dalawa, kasi 'yung characters namin doon, lalo na kay Pia as Abi, sobrang swak sa kanya, e. Kaya maganda 'yung storya." Just last week, Anderson and Wurtzbach became the subject of speculation after the actor's known girlfriend, Alonzo, unfollowed both of them on Instagram.

Alonzo's move naturally spurred rumors that she and Anderson are no longer together, and that Wurtzbach supposedly had a part in it.

“We make most out of the time we have, anywhere it is.” Five years is indeed a long time, and both have grown comfortable with each another.

But Piolo doesn’t see settling down in the horizon just yet. Hindi naman nangyari, 40 na ako nga­yon so ayoko na pangunahan.“I haven’t decided if family or friends, or if makakasama siya,” she added meaningfully, referring to Gerald Anderson, her ex-boyfriend back in 2010, and now her special someone anew.“We make an effort to see each other pero yun nga we’re both so busy so that’s the very reason why we can’t jump into a relationship.” Still on the topic of relationships, while Luis Manzano would rather not reveal the exact date when he and Jessy Mendiola made it official, it hasn’t stopped him from taking the fast track with her.But a slip of the tongue appears to confirm that Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo are a couple once more.In an interview at the 2017 Star Magic Ball held Saturday that was caught on video by ABS-CBN News, Anderson accidentally declared that he and Alonzo have "been together" for the last few months before cutting himself short.During the interview, Anderson said he is happy that his latest film, "My Perfect You," will be shown in Greece via pay-per-view, noting he did not expect that many Filipinos are based in Greece.