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Grocery on Home is the best kind of place to go for a light date.

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With so much to do out there, now’s the time to find each other on Elite Singles and rediscover Atlanta together!Ready to try a more streamlined approach to dating in Atlanta?But roll up your sleeves and remember rule number one: choose the best place to take your date.Choosing the right date spot is the best way to prove to your date how well you are matched.Every inch of the walls and pillars are covered in explosive graffiti art.

Take a slow walk down the middle, and absorb the different messages of the art that layer and pile on one another with lives of their own. If your date is a hardcore theatre lover or simply loves to travel in time and space, take her to the charming Shakespeare Tavern.She will love the deep blue surrounding you as you walk through and under the gigantic ocean-like aquariums.You can even take one of their sleepover options, and cuddle as near to under the sea as you can get.By Top10Best Dating Sites Staff Want to find the best date spots in Atlanta?It can get a bit confusing, there are so many epic places to choose from.You can stop and pick something up from a local store, or make the food preparation part of the date.