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The little girl said "It looked like a big thing" hahahaha Mom said well she didn't mean that his peter wasn't big and that as boys get older that their peters get bigger but sometimes they stick out. Mom said I think we have discussed this long enough now lets go eat. The high school had an open swim for families i dads bring their young daughters into the men's locker room.

Me and my gf were both drinking and late at night decided to go skinny dipping in the hotels indoor pool which was right outside our rooms. But very often there were women instructors, in bathing suits of course while we boys went naked.We got in an argument, and she stormed back to our room and took my clothes with her. I was drunk bit had sense enough to know the going back into the water alone was probably not a good idea. I kept taking classes at the Y until I was 15 or 16 even though I knew how to swim. The girls that had seen me the night before, there were five of them I think, gave me a cheery "good morning" at the breakfast bar. The boys undressed in the locker room and the girls changed in their own change room, same one used by the teacher. As she patiently listened to me several teenage girls entered the hallway. Kimberly had used her passkey to open the door to my room and by then my girlfriend had calmed down. The next day I apologized to Kimberly who assured me that is not the first time she had dealt with a naked intoxicated guest.She was in her 30s or 40s, and really "filled out her swimsuit." He figure was maybe 36-29-44, and the one-piece suit, modest as it was, was no match for her ass!

Every time she got out of the water, about 2-3 inches of the bottom of her milky-white ass was exposed. The wife was still extremely shapely even after just having a baby. We unloaded the car and I headed to the mens room to change.

You don't appear to have posted any follow-ups to this. Yes, there were other incidents, and I later learned that Jennifer's family practiced social nudism which explained why it wasn't a big deal for the dad to have Jennifer seing guys naked.

Our schedules soon became a regular thing with dad and Jennifer coming in to swim right after the swim team practice.

The only thing that comes close to what ive read here that I experienced happened about 15 years ago. I do remember one boy breaking down and crying when told he'd have to swim naked. The teacher and his mother told him to stop acting like a sissy.

I was in my mid 30's and on vacation with my gf at the time at a hotel in Rhode Island. After age 7 classes were either segregated by sex or there were simply no classes offered for girls (in those days they had the YW or "Y-Dub" as we called it).

They did not seem shocked but amused, and I heard comments like "Wow that dude is naked" and "shrinkage".