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More information here 7th 'Dance with Nature' gala at the municipal theatre (Théâtre Municipal) in Esch-sur-Alzette.

The theme of this exceptional show is the preservation of the Earth's living nature heritage.

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I'm a 24 year old guy that has just moved to Luxembourg from the UK, what sort of dating options are available? I have downloaded tinder, I have gotten some matches but it's not really my thing.

I tried out badoo/plenty of fish as well but there doesn't seem to be that many girls around.

More information here As part of its commitment to the Climate Pact, the association of municipalities in the canton of Redange invites you to take part in a superb bike ride through the western part of the Grand Duchy.

As well as the bike ride there will also be a traditional five-course meal featuring local produce (not compulsory).

These Urban Talks provide an opportunity for discussion and conviviality.

There will also be a free barbecue, offered by the residents of the Caritas centre in Esch, and collaborative activities will be organised by local associations for each Urban Talk.You will discover - among many other things - two insect hotels and some wonderful flower beds demonstrating amazing biodiversity.The final stage will be the observation hive for honeybees located in the garden of the 'natur musée' in the Grund. More information here For three hours, the public in the areas where the art-related events are held will be able to interact with the artists and organisers of Kufa's Urban Art and with the socio-cultural leaders involved in the project.On a related note, the legislature last week legalized gay marriage, as well as the right of same-sex partners to adopt children. My conclusion as a naturalized citizen living here the past 11 years: This explains why native Luxembourgers tend to be somewhat standoffish at first.In fact, many have a wonderful sense of humour, and friendships, once made, are for life. Apart from the European statistics in which Luxembourg always counts among the top - gross domestic product, income per capita, life expectancy, quality of life - there is the fact that the old quarters of the beautiful capital city and the remnants of its centuries as a fortified city – count among UNESCO’s World Heritage sites – including what is widely regarded as “the most beautiful balcony in the world” overlooking part of the Old City. People from more than 150 nationalities live peacefully in Luxembourg; 60% of the capital city’s population is foreigners, while at national level they account for almost 45% of the total. The national army numbers 899 (but that includes 106 civilian staff). Surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium, most Luxembourgers speak four languages: their maternal Luxembourgish (yes, really.As in previous years, the City of Luxembourg is organising 'Meetings Without Borders' - an intercultural day of sports that encourages discussion and a mixing of the nations in the various teams, at the 'Boy Konen' sports complex in Cessange.