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So please don't change a thing :) white women rating black male faces as most attractive?

Has anyone thought out the results of all this intermarriage?

I believe that people should be free to marry whoever they want....however..we argue against the loss of biodiversity amongst plants, fish, etc., and not consider the biodiversity of the human race?

Evidence suggests that adolescents who are dating interracially are less likely to tell their family and friends about their relationships than those dating a same-race partner, and are less likely to be publicly affectionate.

Im sure that may be the case with overweight white chicks however...equally as lame as white males rating asian female faces as more attractive-which is also--BS.

Only last year, a Cheerios ad in the United States showing an interracial family sparked a vocal racist backlash.

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I have found it is easier to cope with a sexless marriage if I ...

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So come and see how simple older dating can be today.

Despite these figures, there remains significant public opposition and stigma associated with mixed ethnicity relationships.