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I think that my uncle had found her in bed with another woman, my dad had taken sides with his brother and she was not welcome in our house any more.

During our conversation she told me that her mum had an annexe she wanted to rent out.I hadn’t seen Aunty Barbara for a couple of years as there had been some sort of scandal about her.Barbara started to spank me straight away, about a dozen good hard slaps, and then she pulled my pants down.I suddenly felt very aroused and started to have some feelings I’d never had before, and I could feel my legs shaking with my nervousness.She told me to pull my jeans back up and then told me that things were about to change between us.

If I wanted to leave I could still pack my stuff up, if not I was to go and apologise to the neighbours.As she walked around with them I could see that she had showered and then only put her cardigan back on.It was a long soft navy blue one that she wore as part of her uniform, and it covered most of her and looked so sexy.She used to cook meals for me and I used to spend a couple of nights a week in the house with her.We would watch television, chat etc and we got quite close.I was woken up by Barbara, received a telling off like I had never had before then told that I had to leave.