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Accordingly, Sam also kept sheep and a few cattle and, most importantly the land, which provided him with essential privacy for those aspects of his business that were far, far less public.

It was comfortable and, frankly, shopping for a new one was too much hassle.Gravel crunched underfoot as he crossed the yard and swung open the five bar gate, dropping the iron hook into a matching loop in the old barn wall to hold it in place.Frowning he made a mental note to have Steve, his team's mechanic, look it over later, then promptly forgot as he let the clutch out and opened the throttle.Gravel sprayed as he crossed the yard at full pelt and swung onto the track.He could see the brown of the moors in the distance, but closer, a couple of fields away, the track disappeared under the eaves of the dense wood which filled the narrow valley and spilled over its top onto the land around it.

There were sheep grazing in the field and Sam was forced to slow once more.

Breathing the fresh morning air deeply, he surveyed his surroundings as he sped down the track towards a cluster of large grey-roofed buildings in the distance.

Only yesterday all had been cloaked in wet, misty greyness, a condition all too common in the Devon hills when the weather came down off the nearby moors.

His breath smoked in the chilly air as he swung his leg over the saddle and keyed the ignition.

The diesel stuttered into life and he gunned the engine several times to make sure of it, coughing a little as a cloud of blue smoke shot billowed from the exhaust before subsiding.

As a former paratrooper, the man was much more than that and his main job was the security of the farm.