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Any applicant requiring reasonable accommodations that wishes to apply should contact the Office of Human Resources at (304) 348-8015.

To apply for a position, applicants must access the City?

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Dental plans offered through a workplace typically are one of three types: Premiums for an individual with a group dental plan in 2016 averaged from to .50 a month (8 to 6 annually), says the NADP. It depends on your plan, your needs and the cost of the services available.

For families, monthly averages were between and (5 and 1 annually). However, the NADP describes these elements of coverage in a typical plan: Orthodontics coverage usually can be purchased as a rider, says the NADP. The Affordable Care Act requires insurance providers to offer dental insurance for children younger than 18.

Dental insurance isn’t the only way to cut dental bills.

Here are 10 other ways to cut your costs: It may be less expensive to pay out of pocket than to buy a plan.

Nearly 84 million get coverage through a publicly funded program, such as Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Tricare.

Around 90 percent of people with private coverage get benefits through an employer, or a group program such as AARP.

Fees vary by dentist’s office and by geographic region.

According to the Cost Helper website, you can expect to pay to 0 to have your teeth cleaned, and to 0 or more for X-rays.

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For any position posted after February 1, 2016, hard copy applications submitted by mail, email, facsimile or in person will no longer be accepted.

So brushing — and reducing intake of such foods — can be a big help.