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Of course, disabled people have to practice safer sex and birth control just like anyone else.This should be obvious, but it doesn't seem to occur to some people that anyone with a disability might get pregnant or contract an STI.It can be difficult to socialize and meet people if social events are held in inaccessible buildings.

And sadly, even in adulthood, there are some non-disabled people who can’t imagine anyone with a disability as a possible partner. But there are plenty of people out there who don’t have that problem.Contrary to the media images we're fed, being attractive and sexy has nothing to do with having a "perfect" body or being "normal".It means that you need to learn how to communicate and be up-front about what works for you and what doesn’t.Having to change and adapt the standard "script" means you have to be flexible and creative.And you have to focus on what actually feels best for you and your partner, instead of getting hung-up about what’s "normal" or how you’re "supposed" to have sex.

And those are the real secrets of great sex for everybody.In a few cases, a particular disability may affect your choice of safer sex or birth control methods.For example, some doctors feel that oral contraceptives (birth control pills) should not be prescribed to women who have poor circulation or mobility, as they may have a higher-than-average risk of thromboembolism.In fact, the main thing we have in common is that we have to deal with other people’s stereotypes and prejudices.One common stereotype is that disabled people just aren't sexual.Media images of disabled people often present us as pathetic or child-like.