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It is my therapy and has kept me medication-free for 5 years, and I firmly believe that it can help others too.

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The main reason I offer my designs, tips and advice to you is that I am passionate about (and obsessed with) crochet.

I believe it is not only a craft, but a life-saving panacea.

My most “intimate” shares are probably on Instagram. If nostalgia and 'squeeing' floats your boat, please feel free to sign up.

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I wanted people to feel amazing about their ability to create something so complex so easily, regardless of their skill level.

I have had such wonderful, inspiring feedback about the project, and have been encouraging people to share their experiences using #alongcamesophie.” I do not think there is anything better for the soul than a sense of accomplishment, no matter how small the “victory”, that’s why almost everything on this site is presented as a step-by-step guide (with a few of my own “Look at what I made! What started out as an ‘anything-I-can-make-or-bake-or-fake’ blog 5 years ago has turned into a full-on crochet fest. The most notable change is probably the fact that I have acquired a side-kick to help me run this site; her name is Jenny and you can read all about her HERE.Nowadays, the website focusses mainly on crochet tutorials and designs – which are, in the main, free for your enjoyment.You can order cell phone service, upgrade your existing phone and more from the Best Buy website or store.In terms of customer service, customers can choose to visit the Best Buy customer service page for contact information.If you would like a non-invasive way to stay up to date with my site, consider subscribing to my Weekly Newsletter. Read More My newsletters may not be frequent, but they are packed full of goodness. In them, I share behind-the-scenes photos, musings, and upcoming projects.