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It is an- established praictice in the latter field that after a retailer has estab- lished a stnall chain of his own in ■am area he tries to get from smaller food processors the exclusive dis- Jjribution rights for their products for that territory.

The jukeboxers are now prevailing upon small rec- ord m^nufaitu'rers to let them be- come, distributors.

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At the Henry Wallace campaign meeting here it was revealed that "showmanship" , is being' employed for all of the presidential candidates': rallies to give them glamour and en- tertainment, value.

Theodora Peck, erstwhile stage and radio director and actress, has been employed a.s ' stage director" and her job is "glamour and entertainment." I « Miss Peek, who admits to "know- i ing a lot" 'a,bout stage lighting, dis- closed that 'stage production meth- ods'' will be utilized for the Wallace meetings, with effective lighting of the speakers- and hall one of the principal aims.

Top networlt agency personnel, consequently, are hopefully eyeing tele as the jjr^r scription that, can remedy the situ- ation. Mullen, while indicating that the web may eventually merge, its radio and tele (Continued on page 41) Raps H wood Fear Of Tele As 'Silly' By JACK HKIXMAX 'Hollywood, March 2. ■ , Tops- of the Tops Betail ]igk Sell«r "Four Leaf Clover" - Retail Sheet Ubi Sie Sdlelf "Now Is The Hour" "Most Requested" "Foul' Leaf Clover" Seller on Coin Machinc B • ^'Now Is tha Hpur" British Best Sell W SKEPTICS WWH LUX AOe In, face of some opinion thaj; Al Jolson..

"If the picture people are smart they'll give us all the film we need." It Was Frank Mullen doing the talking and he was more than , a little put out with Hollywood's atti- tude toward television, being the chief spokesm.'jn for NBC's video operation, which he commands as executive veepee, "I think they're being downright silly in their fear o( television's in- roadii on the box office," he al- lowedj "and their refasal to go^along in these early stages is more than a little annoying. might, fade out before' th« radio season was half over,, the vet showman has j'iist written the poafe .chapter in his spectacular "come- back" saga' with, the latcs^^' Ho Q'»itou.

Approximately 50 tele- vision receivers are 'being placed in settlement houses, churches and li- braries throughout the city.

S4M Raititirant Ml ti M The Dublin Gate Theatte' oompapy ol Ters its best show with "Where Stars Walk," .

Radio, most closely allied to, tele, has continued to shdw neat profits each year. Teachers' strike here is proving break for theatres' teen-age and juvenile attendance, having jumped 75% since pedagogues' walkout, .

With constant criticism raised against radio tor its failure to develop new stars or new ■ pro- gramming formats, however, there's no question about ' its being in a,: static condition. With all grade and high school classrooms closed as strike's result, many youngsters apparently are .spending spare time at pix and get- ting their present "education" from screen.

The .fliachine ops offer what the .smaller label people admit is a pretty cogent argument. The operator in that particular area has no one to account to, but to himself, in servicing a machine with records.

He^ can, if he elects, insert the product' of lesser known comr panies Instead of that of the major label.",, And*if he builds these minor labels into hits, the' op feels that he'.s entitled to the added' reward of hav- (Continued on page 55) USES STAGE TECHNIQUE TO SET WALUCE RALLY Minneapolis, March 2.

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