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, Join Edtech Startup Leaders For A Virtual Fireside Chat Tonight – 5p.m.

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You’ll be challenged to think creatively and lead boldly, while creating opportunity for your students. The application process to become a corps member involves an initial online application and an in-person or virtual interview.During the process, you’ll share the strengths, experiences, and passion you’ll bring to leading a classroom.No matter where you go, you’ll have a new role that lets you affect others in a meaningful way.Once you’ve taught for two years, you’ll join our powerful network of 50,000 alumni.It was great to volunteer with several other usual suspects from Imagine K12 and see how teachers are training each other on integrating tech into their classrooms.

Resembling a mini-ed Camp, the format was fairly simple– teachers, many with i Pads in hand, were asked to choose 2 sessions from a menu of options introducing best practices for tools like Google Apps, Evernote, Symbaloo, Dropbox and Remind101 which took place between 730-9am on a late-start day.Much of the team is really cool and they could retain solid talent if only leadership wasn't so cheap, rude, and indifferent to outside opinion. Nobody wants to be treated like crap, but since that's what Founder Dating does, they're not going to keep anyone special at this rate.Additionally, it makes no sense to try to foster communities nationwide when the whole point is to get people to use the online network.You’ll work with leaders across all sectors influencing the future of our country.View profiles and career paths of some of our corps members.This offline Tumblr was one of my favorites, seeing how students translate their online experiences into their offline classroom environment.