Formalizing dynamic software updating

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Start each day at Dev Con preparing your body and mind for the day ahead.

Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga where movement is synchronized to the breath.

Topics will include sketching and ideating to generate ideas, prototyping and wireframing the best ideas, and testing your ideas with clients.

Come join us for our 12th annual show-and-tell of Custom Web Publishing techniques, tips, and ideas.

Topics will include: Perform Script on Server, Execute SQL, Virtual Lists, Card Windows, Using a Web Viewer for data display and manipulation, and more!

Java Script, the easy-to-read and most widely used language is the only programming language that is natively supported in all parts of the File Maker platform.This session will cover the role of Layouts within File Maker’s development environment.You will learn how layouts factor into your File Maker app and how to decide which kinds and how many you will need.By the end of the morning, you’ll have many small apps and have a better understanding of Java Script In this training session, attendees will gain hands-on experience with the earliest stages of a project.The session will include methods for performing research, techniques for mapping different processes, and the process for validating what you’ve learned with the customer.This session will tour the most used calculation functions and help attendees grasp how to use calculations not only as fields, but as a way to make scripts, layouts and various other aspects of your custom app more dynamic.