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Some of the rumored romances have been simply that: rumors, and we will separate fact from fiction.

Here are the 15 things you didn’t know about Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s relationships.

In 2013 Mayweather had a Showtime documentary which detailed his day-to-day life leading up to a fight.

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When Mayweather isn’t calling out Connor Mc Gregor or flaunting his wealth on social media, he’s posting links to Medina’s website so apparently she has a job to fall back on if this little fling with the world’s highest paid athlete doesn’t work out. One of those women was Liza Hernandez who has posted numerous pictures of her and Buss together on her Instagram account.Buss passed away in 2013 but since then Hernandez has rebounded with one Money Mayweather.Harris is also working on a book about abusive relationships and she’s hoping that it can serve as a source of inspiration for women under similar circumstances to find the strength to escape these situations. He will lavish you with all of these gifts and possessions, but if you break up, then he’ll take back everything he bought you.In 2010, Mayweather appeared on the VH1 show “What Chilli Wants” which starred Chilli from the group, TLC. Shantel Jackson AKA Miss Jackson (who may or may not be nasty) found that out the hard way.There is no confirmation of this news and not every report put out there by this outlet is true, so take this with a grain of salt!

If they are dating, it doesn’t appear that Abigail will be ringside in Las Vegas tonight (August 26) as she posted an Instagram from London hours before the fight.The car was imprinted with “BADMEDINA” on the front and back and came courtesy of Fusion Luxury Motors. Medina is on the Floyd girlfriend scale but she seems to be close to the top as she’s also been spotted taking selfies with Floyd’s daughter.Medina was also one of many females who were invited to Floyd’s 40 birthday party last month though apparently wasn’t able to snag a red carpet picture with him judging from her Instagram. Jerry Buss, the former owner of the Lakers, was known to go after women one-third of his age.Even 90 days in jail wasn’t enough to satisfy some of his dissenters as he appeared to be unapologetic after the jail stint.Outside of the ring, and the courthouse, Mayweather is also known to be quite the womanizer. With 49 fights and 49 wins, he is one of the few boxers to retire undefeated.