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-bit of a downer there) and nice big showers for pain relief.The rooms on the ward are spacious and you would normally not be sharing with anyone (though, there are a few rooms which have 2 beds, I believe)The food was fantastic in 07, and reasonable in 08... Does anyone have recent feedback of Figtree Private?

It took longer during the busy time to get a midwive to see me once back on the ward if I needed anything, obviously because they were much busier.

Figtree is a very comfortable hospital though, with lovely spas in the birthing suites (which can be used up to the point where your waters of broken..

It is a very personal choice but i am so happy with our decision and i wouldn't have it any other way...

I've been to Figtree private twice in the last 6 years and couldn't fault them either time.

Wollongong is pricey to park, and not as easy for your visitors to access and then get in to see you.

(not that im keen on having many visitors, but its nice to know its easier for my husband to bring in sibling/s to see us, etc)Im booked in to go to Figtree again in March for our 3rd baby.

I delivered DD1 there but DD2 was 5 weeks early so I had to deliver at Wollongong and we transfered back to Figtree the next day.

I couldn't speak highly enough of them, all the staff were lovely and very supportive both times.

Hospitals public v's private, midwife v's obs etc etc all such a personal choice, you do what's right for YOU :-) We had our first and second baby at Figtree Private (07 and 08).

In 07 I was particularly impressed by the care at Figtree, and could not fault it.

The midwives in the delivery were very caring and supportive too.