liquidating damages Fep 2016 definitions not updating

After a little research and thanks to the Forefront Endpoint Protection Blog I had found that both of these errors had the same core cause.

I am going to start with the issues my client was having when manually trying to update the definitions by using the GUI and then go into why the client wasn’t getting updates from Config Mgr.

Both errors 0x80248014 and 0x8024402c had occurred when someone tried to manually update the definitions using the GUI.

Both errors are related to settings in the clients Windows Update settings.

The first error 0x80244014 will happen if the Microsoft Update box (Give me updates for other Microsoft product when I update Windows) within the Windows Update settings isn’t check.

By configuring automatic approval for revisions and automatic declining of expired updates, you can accomplish this task.

For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 938947 (

After a whole lot of fuss – and almost no documentation – it now looks like KB 3193414 is the new Microsoft Security Essentials update, to version

As best I can tell, it’s completely undocumented, but many Win7 systems show it as an optional patch.

More info from ch100: Both use the same engine and definitions like MSE and are very similar, only that the enterprise products can be managed via Group Policy or System Center Configuration Manager.

They even had a shared user interface which is still the case, only that many of the settings have been hidden in MSE, but can still be configure in the registry.

So, a quick lesson on how definitions are downloaded.