Fender quad reverb dating

Power ratings may say 10w in 1956 but beyond that no definition of 10w of peak, music, RMS, or into which ohms rating.

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To us, we found the book a little dull & skipped through a bit.

There are 4 pages of Amplifiers with Control Units & Power Amplifiers in the same section.

Please do not link to our site on ebay sales trying to use our unique info to play buyers for a sale suggesting we are authorising their sale, as we are not. To list all interesting amps from these years is the idea, not interested in a full list, only cherry picking the better ones & interesting ones.

The Early Receivers page was a bit of a roller coaster as some good ones for sure but too much repeating " again" & the dull ones got it to be a bore.

This year appears to only show high quality items & the list is only to be an impressive one, but in 1956 HFYB only listed ones they rated as worthy, actually narrowing their readership a lot, so we'll list the lot.

As noted on the Quad, AZ Senior CU/A 20w £40; AZ Junior Mk II 10w EL84 £22, Three Channel setup: CU/A Bass 22w KT61 , Treble 1.5w ECL80 & Centre(Midrange? The earliest appearance of this idea we don't like, phase errors abound.; That was interesting. Gives the idea only high power ones were sold, but there will have been plenty of the 3w type & Kits in this era.

Interesting to see how often these were used & why modern amps still use them.

There are other output valves noted, but of less interest or not used today as often if at all.

As the years go on, this eliteness fades as readership will have been small.

These books are around as age of original owner is now 57 years ago & assume reader was 30-50 then so time brings them out.

But Hifi & for " serious" use, as in one you'd actually want to use occasionally going into ones you could use daily as years progress is the idea.