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And in some cases users have to know a person’s often idiosyncratic logon name to connect.And the cellphone video services generally allow users to place video calls only to other users who have certain phones that are connected to the same cellular network.And as with Face Time, Duo automatically identifies people in users’ address books who can be reached through the app.

(Google via AP) Six years after Apple launched its video calling service, Google finally has an answer for Face Time.

On Tuesday, the search giant released Duo, its new video calling app, and I gave it a test run.

Google Hangouts, which the company launched three years ago, allows users to connect on PCs and mobile devices and can be used for video conferences involving multiple people.

And users of Google’s Android operating system have numerous choices for video calling apps, including Skype, Facebook Messenger, and We Chat.

While Hangouts comes preinstalled on most devices, it’s a much more complicated app that can be difficult to use.

With Skype, Facebook and other apps, users can typically only place video calls to people who are using the same app.Cell providers Verizon and T-Mobile also offer video calling features for Android phones.But until now, Android users haven’t had something as easy and ubiquitous to use for video chats as Face Time.Such apps are also building in “bots,” automated services that can answer questions or perform other features.We Chat, which offers users a collection of such features, has become popular in its native China.This image provided by Google shows its video chatting app on mobile devices.