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Promotional rates may no longer apply if customer changes their speed tier during term. Even if you currently have a wireless router at home you'll love to upgrade to our all-in-one hardware.When you place your Order you'll be able to choose the most convienent date and time for a technician to visit your location.true STREAM service comes with ten e-mail accounts with 7 GB of storage each, anti-spam filtering, online word processing tools, online account access and 24/7 technical support.

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With true STREAM fiber-optic cables between the central office and remote terminals in your neighborhood are utilized.Utilizing an advanced digital fiber-optic network allows us to provide our clients with faster download and upload speeds.If you're using multiple wireless devices simultaneously with a Wireless Gateway it is possible that your speed may be affected.Therefore, we recommend selecting a speed that will support multiple users. If your location qualifies for true STREAM service you can place an order in our Members section.true STREAM service takes 5-10 business days to activate barring any unforeseen problems with the order.

true STREAM utilizes a new advanced digital fiber-optic network.

Utilizing this network allows us to provide clients with faster download and upload speeds.

DSL uses existing copper wiring between the central office and the client location. View less frequently asked questions true STREAM is DSL Extreme's new elite service that offers clients enhanced download speeds and wireless capability through an advanced digital fiber-optic network for a low monthly rate.

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A new 12 month contract and professional installation will be required. You can change the connection of your true STREAM service between a Static or Dynamic connection. Fees may be applicable if changing from a Static to a Dynamic connection. Enjoy all the benefits of your service at home..from home! During the sign up process we ask you your address. All you need to do is plug the base unit into your router, and all of the other handset phones will work perfectly. Just plug it into your router, then plug in your phone, and you're ready to go. First we send you the Broadvoice adapter, next just plug it into your router, then connect any phone, and you're ready to make and receive phone calls. In the US there are more than 32 million Vo IP subscribers and growing.