who is emily rose dating Excel 2016 automatically updating workbook

Be sure to leave the Send refresh failure notification email to me checked.

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When you setup a refresh schedule, Power BI will connect directly to the data sources using connection information and credentials in the dataset to query for updated data, then load the updated data into the dataset.

Any visualizations in reports and dashboards based on that dataset in the Power BI service are also updated.

I've tried to find some general setting that is driving this but can't find anything that works across all files at once.

I'm also getting the "We can't update some of the links in your workbook right now.

Further on in this tutorial, you will find the details on how to do all this.

in the above dialog box will change the Protect and Share Workbook button on the ribbon to Unprotect Shared Workbook, and clicking this button will both remove the protection from the shared workbook and stop sharing it.All of a sudden, every single file that I open that contains links, automatically updates from the source files.The weird thing is that when my boss opens the same file (stored on a shared drive), it doesn't automatically update.In Power BI, Refresh Now and Schedule Refresh is supported for datasets created from Excel workbooks imported from a local drive where Power Query (Get & Transform data in Excel 2016) or Power Pivot is used to connect to any of the following data sources and load data into the Excel data model: When you use Power Query (Get & Transform data in Excel 2016) to connect to a data source, you have several options where to load the data.To make sure you load data into the data model, you must select the Add this data to the Data Model option in the Load To dialog box. Or, If you click Edit in Navigator, you’ll open the Query Editor. Then in Load To, make sure you select Add this data to the Data Model. Whenever you use Power Pivot to connect to and query data from an on-premises or online data source, the data is automatically loaded to the data model.The recent versions of Excel 2010, 20 make it easy to share and collaborate on workbooks.