Example ofsex chat

She’s good at it and after a few minutes she knows exactly what you may be looking for, even before you do. Even if you’d rather shop on your own, you are left with the feeling that if you eventually need help, the customer adviser is there for you.

Greetings are an online version of such approach – they pop-up on your site inviting customers to chat when they need it the most. Using a popup chat window, you can change the invitation image by Uploading custom graphic.

You should always start off with a single greeting type, defined by one condition.

Learn more about using greetings from our Chat greetings efficiency report and Infographic. If you are using the embedded chat window, greetings are very similar to the welcome messages sent to visitors when the chat starts.Both greetings and welcome messages are displayed as the first message in the chat.The following conditions regarding visitors’ actions on your site are available: You can set up several conditions for one greeting.Remember that the rules are compound statements joined with the “and” connector, so all the conditions of a particular greeting have to be met for this greeting to pop up.Greetings are sent out automatically when the greeting’s conditions are met.

Additionally, you can have several greetings set up simultaneously while you can have only one welcome set up at a time (but you can set up different welcome messages for different groups).

Imagine getting a text message from your girlfriend or boyfriend saying: ‘Are your feet tired?

Cause you've been running around in my dreams all night’. No doubt, it intensifies your emotions, lightens your dull moments and your heart throbs to meet your sweetheart.

As an up-to-date business leader you should keep track of new technologies.

But even if your sales is exclusively Internet-based, you can still learn from observing how customer service works in brick-and-mortars.

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