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Andrew Kimbrell has for many years spent much of his career analyzing technology in general and biotechnology in particular, but he has now taken this to a new level, which he will present to us today.Fritz Schumacher never used the word “biotechnology,” and he probably never heard the word before his untimely death in 1977.

This he has followed up with the additional distinction of being selected in the current Utne Reader as the man who, in the event of Ralph Nader being elected President of the United States, should be appointed Attorney General.I have to confess that I think this is an unlikely outcome, but just in case, I urge you to give a warm welcome to Andrew Kimbrell., had been recommended by a fellow student radical.In any case, the play, which featured the painfully earnest acting The play portrayed the plight of a young American bomber pilot shot down and injured while flying a mission over North Vietnam.As the drama begins, the pilot, dragging a fractured leg, is fleeing from a band of enemy soldiers who spotted him as he parachuted from his burning plane.He was an important ally of Jeremy Rifkin for eight years as policy director of the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, where he led the legal attack against the biotechnology companies when they first began trying to gain legal and political footholds in that city.

Jeremy sometimes lets people think he is a lawyer, but in fact the legal brains behind that operation was Andy.He maintains, however, that his real love is music, that he really wants to be a concert pianist, and any of you who heard him playing here this morning could verify that he might indeed have a career doing that—after he is finished saving the earth for us, of course.A few years ago Andy was named, along with several other disreputable individuals including yours truly, as one of the Utne Reader’s 100 leading American visionaries.Slowly the young man recovers his strength and begins to help around the farm.He learns to respect the life of these peasant people and, yes, falls deeply in love with the farmer’s daughter.The fundamental principle of agriculture is that it deals with life, that is to say, with living substance.