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was pacified and repatriated back to his rule as the king of Judah. He fortified the city of Jerusalem at the Ophel where the priests later lived south of the temple and “raised it to a great height”.

This same God prophesied through the prophets that someday it would be inhabited by the Lost Tribes of the House of Israel.

You may very well be that one, whose prophetic ancestral homeland is destined to be yours, for you might be that “lost Israelite”.

II Chronicles -16 – “He took away the foreign gods and the idols from the house of the Lord, and all the altars that he had built in the mount of the house of the Lord and in Jerusalem; and he cast them out of the city.

He also repaired the altar of the Lord, sacrificed peace offerings and thank offerings on it, and .” This was a remarkable reformation and restoration and we wonder if this will be a shadow picture of the time of the end, when it will take the king of an “evil” empire, to reform the corrupt politicians, prime ministers and presidents of the Nations of Israel?

Except for a remnant of the Houses of Dan and Simeon, the entire population was taken captive and deported to the land of the Medes along the Today, it is the third largest city in Afghanistan.

The prophecy of Isaiah gives some identification for it alludes that the deportation of the Israelites brought the 10-Israelite tribes to the land of “Sinim”.

They later disappeared from classical world history.

The first of the prophets to predict the fall of the Kingdom of Israel and the first to predict the deportation of the Israelite nation was uttered by the words by Hosea the prophet upon the birth of his a united and sovereign nation.

rained down upon the Jewish population of Galilee, the land where the Palestinian Authority claims as its own possession surrounding Ramallah, the land of Damascus, Lebanon, plus most of the land of Jordan will someday possibly be your inheritance.

If you don’t believe this, than you probably don’t believe in the prophets of Israel or the God of Israel.

There was no annexation of any territory to Assyria, and no deportations of Israelites were taken back to Assyria.