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His family is asking if we can send Christmas letters his way.

He isn’t a going to leave the hospital for 6-8 more weeks.

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Miranda was hastened to join, and she wanted Iolanda to accompany her or even go by herself. Iolanda joined under two conditions: to be the minor one and that her mom Giuseppina mustn't find out.Unexpectedly, Iolanda won the second prize and Miranda was second runner-up.Anxious to inflict her a punishment she will remember, Giuseppina forcibly cuts her hair short that next day. By the time, her mother finally had given up on her principles and Iolanda left her job to start modelling for Donna, a Cairo-based fashion house.On 17 January, 1954, on her 21st birthday, her mom gave her a blessing for joining Miss Egypt competition.In 1951, Iolanda was 18 years old and got her first job of a secretarial typist in an import/export company of pharmaceutical products.

One evening, her best friend Miranda showed her the newspapers call for joining the Miss Ondine, a minor Cairo beauty pageant.

Dalida later recalled, "I hated him when he beat me, I hated him especially when he beat my mom and brothers. and he did." When Pietro died in 1946 from a brain abscess, Iolanda was 13.

That traumatic period in her early life was reflected later when she searched for the male person in her life.

She dreamed of looking like them and becoming an actress.

During her teen years, Iolanda had metamorphosed into a beautiful young woman, eventually becoming popular in her neighbourhood.

She also dreamed of becoming a writer, nurse or even joining a religion.