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The suicide note is among reams of evidence that illuminate the potential motivations of the young college-educated woman from a leafy suburb of the U. 14, 2015, in the food court of the Halifax Shopping Centre.

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Less than a month later, we were planning our deaths." The Crown is recommending a sentence of 20 years to life in prison, while the defence says the sentence should be 12 to 14 years, with credit for time served.BY CHARLES BATTERSBY | New York is home to lots of fun events at our convention centers, but the annual North American International Toy Fair is off-limits to the general public."Perhaps you have already heard the news of a mass shooting in Halifax," Lindsay Souvannarath says in a queued blog post entitled "Der Untergang" -- The Downfall."This is where you'd expect me to post my reaction to it, but unfortunately I have no reaction, for I am now dead," she says.A third accomplice -- a local man described in court as the "cheerleader" of the murderous plot -- was sentenced to a decade in jail.

The thousands of pages of evidence in the case show how close the bloodshed came to being carried out."With a gun in my hand, I am God." The American also equates love with weakness, saying it softens the spirit while "hate sharpens the mind." "In all my twenty-three years of life, I have never learned to love another person," she says."I receive love, but it passes through me like water through a sieve." She writes about the "wonder of isolation" and severing bonds with humanity to be "free from empathy." Souvannarath, now 26, has been held at the Central Nova Scotia Correctional facility in a Halifax-area industrial park since her arrest three years ago.Gabriela Firea, primarul general al Capitalei, a acceptat să vorbească într-un interviu despre incidentul de pe Naţional Arenă, când a fost huiduita de cei care au venit să o felicite pe Simona Halep pentru trofeul Roland Garros.”M-am tot gândit zilele acestea, am reflectat dacă a fost sau nu bine, dacă am procedat corect şi am ajuns la o concluzie la care sper să ajungă cât mai multă lume : bunele intenţii au existat încă din prima clipă - că nu a ieşit tocmai cum am dorit, într-adevăr, acesta este marele regret ...In the intended suicide note, she glorifies what she calls her "heroic longings" and says she fights "for principles, not politicians." "It has always been my greatest dream to die in battle.