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The Howards returned to Philadelphia while Elisabeth was young and she grew up near Philadelphia where her father became editor of the Sunday School Times.

The family lived first in Germantown, Pennsylvania, then moved to Moorestown, New Jersey.

In 1950 she then returned briefly to Hampden Dubose Academy to teach.

Planning to become a missionary in the Plymouth Brethren (PB) church, she moved to Brooklyn in 1951 for training and to work on the PB missions publication, .

She was also a member of the debate team which became Northwest Champions in 1947 and was elected to Phi Kappa Delta, an honorary debate and forensic fraternity.

This fraternity later honored her at its fiftieth anniversary in 1963.

Elisabeth was given the name Omiwaeni, which means Crane, because of her height.

There they studied the language and worked on Bible translations.

: The copyrights to the manuscripts in this collection were retained by the estate of Elisabeth Elliot.

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She attended public school until 1941 and then, at her own request, enrolled at the Hampden Dubose Academy (a Christian boarding school) in Orlando, Florida. In the fall of that year she enrolled in Wheaton College.

Her plan was to prepare to work as a Bible translator.

In 1955, plans were made for contacting the Waoranis.