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There has to be something more, something that will help us all understand and comprehend why all of this is happening. In the same way the little boy is, like when raised his hands to move a mountain in the film, because he heard in a conversation that if his faith was as big as a seed, he could move mountains.

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What I mean by this is that we lose the capacity to fully love, dream, serve, forgive and to live a life with purpose.

We lose that for many reason, it could be the loss of a love one, a bad experience here and there, also sometimes the fact that we get so attached to our dreams.

Employing a variety of tactics and banking on his exuberant spirit, the boy sets off to achieve his goal.

Both comedic and dramatic moments occur as a result of the boy's bold decision.

Basically what I’m doing is presenting the film, talking to our community about the importance of supporting this type of indie film, that was not only made to entertain, but also was designed to make our world a better place.

My hope, as a filmmaker is that when people see this movie, they will not only leave the theater happy, full of popcorn and soda, but I also want them to leave full of faith, love and hope.We will be competing that same weekend with other films premiering the same day.We are in a race and the winner will be whoever sells more tickets.It also tells me that the reason he has became one of the most successful Latino producers/actors and well respected filmmaker in the entertainment industry is because he has integrity and he treats everyone equally. My conversation with Verastegui, who also stars in the film as Father Crispn, was more than just talking about his film, it was more like a deep conversation “en español” about faith, love, hope and about why we as humans sometimes get lost in despair, topics the film deals with as well. Little Boy is directed by Alejandro Monteverde who also wrote the script with Pepe Portillo.Verastegui, who is well known around the world as a singer and actor in Mexican telenovela, produced will premiere in the U. The film stars Tom Wilkenson, Kevin James, Emily Watson, and Aly Landry You can listen to the interview “en Español” here: https://Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Monteverde family.