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Here you will find some short biographies (biogz) of solo artists whose surname commences with this letter or bands with names commencing with this letter (omitting any commonly used prefix such as 'The').

Mike Sagar and the Cresters The Saltmine Band Salvation Sammy Tommy Sampson Wes Sands and the Leroys Santos The Sapolas Peter Sarstedt Sash!

Upon his return to Scotland, he reformed a band that was busy in the Glasgow area until the early 1990s and he often appeared at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival and gave much of his time to charity fund raising activities and The Salvation Army.

In the fifties Tommy worked as a 'song plugger' for Chapell's Music Publishers and in 1951 'stood-in' for a live BBC TV broadcast with 'The Song Peddlers', a performance which included a young dancer by the name of Audrey Hepburn.He was then asked by George Mitchell to arrange a choir for a new musical BBC TV show series.Beehive was a white five-piece that were together for about 10 years, reputed to be one of the UKs hardest gigging gospel acts with 200 gigs a year.They won the MOBO Award for Best Gospel Artist in 1997 but split a couple of years later.Around 1968/9 Kevin rejoined Jim with drummer George Wade and guitarist Brian Denniston to form 'Friendly Persuasion' before a local agency took notice and shortly after the line-up was changed as was the name, to Salvation' in June 1970.

By the end of the year Brian Dennison returned to replace Ian Kenny.Guitar duties then fell to another new recruit, Jim (Midge) Ure from local band 'Stumble' (for 25 a week ... Their first gig with this line-up was at Glasgow Technical College on 17th March 1972 with a set of covers & originals.In November 1973 they supported 'The Sweet' at The Apollo, then later on 27th April 1974 Kevin left to pursue a solo career and vocals fell to Midge.This band which was reputed to have been the best in Britain at the time, toured Germany, Italy and Britain extensively and made three BBC broadcasts before it was disbanded around Christmas 1949.Shortly thereafter thirteen of his band were to be found in Ted Heath's Band.Doubtless they will never forget supporting The Beatles in 1963 but most will remember them for Richard Harding's technical ability on guitar which was and continues to be much admired, as was his Gretsch White Falcon guitar, so far out of the financial reach of most at 700 (18 months wages for most at the time!