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one time my roommate brought 20 of his Calvin Klein shirts to sell to our neighborhood consignment shop. You can price it higher if it’s in great condition, but lower it if there are flaws or wear.

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So, what’s the secret to being better at online selling that everyone else? Tactically, this means that in a crowded market, you need to stand out by doing the things that other people don’t do. This is where many people, understandably, go wrong. And I don’t care how cute that dress is that you got from Hong Kong.

But wait, isn’t snapping a few photos and putting up a short description enough? I see a lot of people just buy the clothes they like, put them all up on e Bay, then get frustrated that none of it sells. If it’s not a brand name that people recognize then it most likely won’t sell.

It was absolutely gorgeous, but made of suede, which is a high-maintenance fabric, so I was afraid to use it. The pictures did it no justice, the description was riddled with typos, and I had to ask the seller a million follow-up questions because there wasn’t enough information. My roommate’s clothes seemed like they were designer, but they actually weren’t.

Instead, it sat in its dust bag on the top shelf of my closet for months. Since I was an imaginative buyer, I had very little competition and got the bag for a steal. For my listing, there were very specific tactics that I used to make it appealing to buyers, and I’ll show you my exact strategies further down below. Being honest about whether or not your item is worth selling is a critical key to success. If we think objectively, just regular Calvin Klein is not an in-demand brand that people are searching for online.

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