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The good thing about being an older woman is I can take whatever he can give me. The good thing about young men is they are ready to go again in just a few minutes - and Mark was ripe as they come. Mark has already put three pillows down so I can lie comfortably on them.I close my legs and stick my ass and pussy in the air ready for him to take me.Without notice he grabs my hips and thrusts his cock straight deep inside me - the full length goes all the way in.

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It was fun, exciting, and there had been zero headaches with her.She was exceptionally kind to me at a time I was quite vulnerable after a couple of breakups. The website has come to attract guys in their 20s, 30s, and 40s as well as sophisticated but down to earth mature women.Now that I have spent some time with him he also knows how to eat pussy very nicely as well. My fingers work my clit slowly at first rubbing in round small circles and then pulling the hood back just enough to expose my inner clit to the air then rubbing it again making the circles longer and just a bit harder each time. He doesn’t care about my cougar status, or that I'm an older women with saggy tits and wrinkles - He knows that I'' do any sex act he wants. He undoes his pants as he walks through the door, his shirt gone already. I suck his now hardening cock and run my tongue around and around the head as I finger-fuck myself.Looking for cougar women for dating and intimate encounters? His muscles are bulging; his chest is huge, as is his big, fat 10-inch dick. My body arches off the bed lurching for him and his young man’s touch. He drives two fingers, and then three deep inside me fiercely finger-fucking.He slides in another 4 fingers and uses his thumb on my clit and rubs and toys with the inner core of my pleasure.

I cum, my body tossing about totally out of control - following his touch as if a command. Mark grabs my head with his other hand using my hair to pull my face onto his cock as he tries to shove it deep into my throat. I lose breath and reality as his other hand grabs my face hard.

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I grab my phone and scroll through the list of names. Not much use for thinking or conversation, but his animal instincts are awesome and he can fuck harder and faster then anyone I have ever met.

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