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If you don't do this step you'll not be able to see the fields in the exported DWG file. Now open the exported DWG file in your "favorite" DWG editor, be that Auto CAD, Ares Commander, or Draft Sight (based on the same technology that Onshape uses and also free).

You can now either:a) edit this DWG to make it your new template; orb) copy and paste the fields from this DWG into your existing DWG template.

First of all, create a new Document and create a new Drawing.Make sure you select the Onshape filter on the left of the Drawing Template dialog, then select one of the drawing templates and press OK.Bringing a full-featured DWG-editing solution into your browser, ARES Kudo allows you to view, present, edit and share your work anywhere without the hassle of installs and upgrades.ARES Kudo is aiming at no compromises in features to create and modify DWG drawings in the cloud.You can then move them around and change their font size etc. Don't forget to edit the second sheet which is used when more than one sheet is added to an Onshape drawing.

Now save your template as a DWT file and upload it to Onshape from the Documents page.

Desktop Mobile Cloud, the ARES Trinity of CAD Software combines the benefits of each platform to considerably improve your workflows.

Drawings stored in the Cloud storage services connected to ARES Kudo can be modified locally in ARES Commander or ARES Touch.

No risk for mistakes and you keep control as you can close access at any time.

The ARES Trinity API supports C , LISP, DCL and Qt on all three platforms: ARES Commander (Windows, Mac and Linux), ARES Touch (Android and i OS) and ARES Kudo (Cloud).

Go to the Document menu (the "hamburger" icon top left), select Properties and enter a default value for each of the drawing property fields.