Do looks matter in dating

For one woman looks might be on top of the list while for another woman looks might be present in the bottom of the list or not present at all.In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that according to most researches woman care less about looks then men do.

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According to the mainstream script: Looks do and should matter to women.Looks will make or break you [according to mainstream dating].The position in this community has always been “looks don’t matter”.And if they do: it is very minuscule compared to intrinsic qualities of a man. However, over the past 2 years, I notice a mass infiltration of the community by mainstream-dating coaches who peddling the “Looks matter” bullshit!😦 Therefore, whenever the average scrub approaches a hot girl, he’s entering the interaction from a lower state of consciousness with a looks complex, while the girl already has a preconceived notion of “type” and “looks”. The guy who finds himself on the shitty end of this stick [which is most of us], is now forced into the belief that “Looks matter”, therefore he’ll have to settle for an ugly ducking or retreat into a life of brooding and whining about women being evil-little bitches [which explains the existence of failing movements such as the Manosphere and the Men’s Rights].

Little does he know, he was duped into believing looks matter, and since he doesn’t have “Looks”, he doesn’t stand a chance of getting laid, nor can he compete with the Adonis look-alike.

In this article i will tell you whether looks do really matter to a woman or not.

Why do looks matter to women in some cases and do they not matter in other cases?

If you aren’t ripped, jacked or male-model looking, then you’re pretty much fucked out of getting poon!

Hollywood has brainwashed women (and men) into believing that a guy has to fit a certain physiological quota in order to have attraction value.

If your verbal game sucks, you cannot lead a conversation and you’re socially awkward and inept, then the girl whom you’re chatting up has no other recourse but to judge you on looks and appearance since your other qualities are dormant or nonexistent.