Do i look intimidating quiz

You want to explore, have adventures, and expand your mind and it kind of freaks people out to such an extent that they don't know how to handle you.You try to make people feel comfortable around you but sometimes it's that ease you have about yourself that's intimidating.You think because you can handle anything that's dished out, that everybody is like that as well, but they're not.

They can only hope you're using your powers for good, not to scare the crap out of them.Read: The 5 Brutal Truths About Loving A Cancer, As Written By One Everything seems so easy for you: you're popular, you look good, you don't have a shy bone in your body, and you do everything right. On the surface, it doesn't even seem as if you have any problems.Maybe it’s your take no sh*t attitude or perhaps it’s the way you stand tall and proud.People never know what you're going to do or say and it can be alarming.Read: 11 Brutal Truths About Loving A Libra, As Written By One If someone doesn't know you very well, it's very likely that they'd be intimidated by your intensity, your need for honesty, and your passion.

When you get jealous or think that something has been stolen from you (your love, your dignity), you react strongly.

Then there's the fact that you're extremely comfortable in social situations.

You know how to work a party like no one else and if someone doesn't have that same level of sociability, it can be very intimidating.

Read: 6 Brutal Truths About Loving A Leo, As Written By One You seem to know EVERYTHING and it's intimidating as hell.

No one wants to seem like they're an idiot when they're around you, so they let the image they have of you and your powerful smarts intimidate them.

Read: The 5 Brutal Truths About Loving A Taurus, As Written By One Can you imagine how someone who is inarticulate might feel intimidated by you?