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The actions on recognizing that line are to print the original, then do the 1121 substitution; the default print will print the modified line.Much more important is your mindset, and how you’re feeling when you’re texting him. However, if you’re trying to Try starting things off mysterious – you don’t want to say “Let’s have intercourse right now”, you want to say something that puts a sexy idea in his head. something that makes him think of you without any clothes on (3). If you’re looking to exchange filthy texts with a foxy lady, then you’ve come to the right place.Because the patterns contain single quotes, we're going to be best off using double quotes around the regex.define('ADMIN_USERNAME','username'); // Admin Username define('ADMIN_PASSWORD','password'); // Admin Password $MEMCACHE_SERVERS[] = 'mymemcache-server211'; // add more as an array $MEMCACHE_SERVERS[] = 'mymemcache-server211'; // add more as an array define('ADMIN_USERNAME','myusername'); // Admin Username define('ADMIN_PASSWORD','mypassword'); // Admin Password $MEMCACHE_SERVERS[] = 'localhost:11211'; // add more as an array $MEMCACHE_SERVERS[] = 'localhost:11212'; // add more as an array Thanks quoting entire sed command worked for first part but 2nd part hitting error [* sed -i "s/$MEMCACHE_SERVERS[] = 'mymemcache-server211';/$MEMCACHE_SERVERS[] = 'localhost:11211';/g" /var/www/html/*].Manu Bhai – Dhanda Down che, Saari mein kuch nahi milta.Forget automated robots and generic sex chat, every dirty text you send goes directly to one of our sex-obsessed girls.