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This was also where many acronyms we take for granted such as 'lol', 'brb' and 'ffs' (curiously not a/s/l - age/sex/location) were assimilated into everyday language. Leet speak used homoglyphs, normally numbers, to replace letters:133t 5|D34| Through-out many of the chat servers, there was an undercurrent of hacker activity - rooms dedicated to botz serving 0day serialz, mp3z, pr0n and warez as well closed rooms where you be a little more illicit with hacked servers, isp passwords and a few credit card numbers (none of which worked for me).

IRC moulded the way we use the internet, this is more apparent by the fact it's still in use today.

They were the kind of place where you can be someone you're not; you could create a whole new life and no one knew any better.