Difference between dating and boyfriend

Jealousy and possessiveness is a vicious cycle that takes turns to rear their head all the time.

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Possessive boyfriends are like a noose around your neck.

But there’s a thin line between displaying possessiveness as a sign of love, and displaying possessiveness as a sign of control and dominance.

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He stalks you or tries to find out where you are often when you’re out with a friend by calling you up out of the blue and telling you he wants to see you or meet you, or that he wants to pick you up. He’s extremely protective about you, and doesn’t want you to do anything new without him.

He behaves like your life is in danger when he isn’t around to take care of you, and sulks when you try something new for the first time without him. He gets really mad over simple issues, especially if it involves another guy. He’s extremely inquisitive about everything that goes on in your life.

He just doesn’t want you to create any memories or do anything fun with any other guy but him. And if you don’t talk about something you consider too trivial to talk about, he gets angry or sulks until you tell him all the details, all the time. He wants to know all your passwords and all your secrets, even if you don’t want to share them with him just yet.

He coerces you and threatens you until he gets what he wants. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, but he expects you to answer his call as soon as he calls you even if you’re busy on another call.

But the truth is, love has very little to do with most people’s possessive nature.

More often than not, it’s a guy’s insecurity that makes him jealous and possessive.

So here’s a list of 17 signs to know if you’re dating a jealous and possessive guy.