Dhcp server is not updating dns records Sri lankan sex chat mobile sites

I cant seem to find out how to install replmon and netdiag for Server 2008 R2. So fast scavenging of records is paramount when considering they travel interstate between branches and connect to a VPN solutioon that issues addresses from a different subnet. As this option does not work, this only leaves scavenging to clean up the mess.

I found this article which mentions that these tools are no longer available in Server 2008. I feel that alot of my scavenging problems would be resolved if I could get the 'Discard A and PTR records when lease is deleted' option to work as suggested. I would appreciate if you can look up that Microsoft ticket.

Netdiag should help you figure out your DNS problems if you have any.

netdiag is part of the Windows Support tools, so you can get those and run it against your servers individually, and make sure you're not getting any DNS errors.

to be completely honest, I had a call to Microsoft to straighten out my scavenging settings, as it is a bit confusing being available on the DNS server level, and on the DNS Zone level. When I check the event log it has one warning messages from 8 hours saying: ------------------------------ Event Type: Warning Event Source: Nt Frs Event Category: None Event ID: 13562 Date: 14/06/2010 Time: AM User: N/A Description: Following is the summary of warnings and errors encountered by File Replication Service while polling the Domain Controller s-syd-18-ad.c Scavenging is an issue which I am trying to fine tune.

Take a look at what you have there for now, and if you feel that this may even be an issue, I'll try to see if I can pull back up that ticket I had open for any notes I may have on scavenging. Our network users mostly use laptops, we have a few hundred of them.

Can someone please help me troubleshoot why DHCP is not updating DNS correctly. "The solutions and answers provided on Experts Exchange have been extremely helpful to me over the last few years.

I wear a lot of hats - Developer, Database Administrator, Help Desk, etc., so I know a lot of things but not a lot about one thing.

On the client, if I open a command propmt and type 'ipconfig /registerdns' I now have a DNS entry within the forward zone.

However, I do not have a entry in the reverse lookup zone.

Another useful tool in this case, is replmon, which is also part of the support tools.

By the way, I'm assuming you did go through restarting netlogon ? (that would be helpful in case your netdiag results have any problems), as it would re-register _mscds entries.

There is no entry in the reverse zone for the ip address either.