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And along with the followers, he does have a better net worth of $ 300 Thousand.

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Belonging to Canadian nationality he is said to be of white ethnicity.

After the interest of acting emerged in Sawa, he first started acting in theater and then he moved onto doing small roles on television.

Devon Sawa: No, I was, I dated a few Canadian girls.

I actually – Perez: There was no Britney to your Justin?

Devon Sawa: No, this is my first fight movie, or fight show. I train over a gym here in Hollywood, and do it all. Devon Sawa: [Watch above.] Perez: Now someone like Jonathan Taylor Thomas recently came out saying that he's not quite sure if he wants to be doing more acting in front of the camera. And while I was at home, I realized this is what I really loved to do; I did some other stuff there. Perez: And was your — did you have pushy stage parents or is this something that you really wanted to do? Yeah, no, but then I went and did "Idle Hands" and then a new kind of my young adult career started and – Perez: Can you sing? Perez: — pretend relationships with like other like females that were like acting?

Devon Sawa: No, you're going to be seeing a little bit more of Owen this year. Devon Sawa: Well right now they've got me for three, but I'm pretty sure there'll be more. Perez: Have you done movies where you had to be very physical like that doing stunts? When I was around 25, I had been working since the age of elven, I was kind of burnt out, and I just went home for a few years. Did you have – Devon Sawa: All the singing and dancing. Like oh lets pretend date so we can both be more famous?

Devon Sawa: "Curb your Enthusiasm", "Breaking Bad", all the, you know all the typical big shows right now.

Perez: What, what was your favorite movie of yours that you ever made?

Perez: Hey everybody, it's Perez, joined by Devon Sawa. Perez: We are going to be seeing more of you very soon because Friday you're going to be on "Nikita"? I was, I was obnoxious in class, and so the teacher suggested that you know if I wanted to be the center of attention, maybe I should try acting.

And now I'm back, and it really truly is, like I love acting, I love being in this business, I love doing this stuff, so I'm glad to be back. Devon Sawa: Age — I did Nerf com — I was a Nerf Spokes Kid. Devon Sawa: No, it's a funny story, because actually in grade five I was the class clown.

He won the Saturn awards for Best Performance by a Younger actor for his movie Final Destination (2000).