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Mayor Duggan and Police Chief James Craig are taking aggressive actions to enhance and expand the various DYVPI programs.As an added strategy, Chief Craig added Children in Trauma Intervention Camp (CITI Camp).DYVPI began with four (4) key programs that remain in existence today: Ceasefire, School Safety Stations, Safe Routes to School (SRTS), and Summer Youth Employment.

It's an example of an effort coordinated by a team of Rock Ventures employees with backgrounds in philanthropy and government exploring new ways to work "upstream" in fixing Detroit's most vexing problems — from preventing further blight to creating jobs for Detroiters outside of their own company.They're operating a small under-the-radar think tank of sorts, trying to find ways to go beyond the million Dan Gilbert's family of companies plans to spend on philanthropy in Detroit this year.Social impact bonds have been used in Britain, Australia and Massachusetts to fund social programs and the savings to government is returned to investors."We've got a lot of people who are problem solvers looking at how do we build a better Detroit," Uhl said.Darreaux Waddell, the lone archivist for Detroit Public Schools, said his department shrunk from 60 workers in 2009 to a team of five he now manages.

The daunting task of tracking down student records dating back to the 1950s was compounded by an influx of records from nearly 80 schools that closed over the past decade, he said."You can't just build this gilded central city and forget about the rest of the people," said Uhl, who came to Rock Ventures from the Skillman Foundation.The community initiatives and activation division at Rock Ventures is driven by a "for more than profit" mission that mixes Gilbert's big bet on Detroit with a "moral imperative" to reverse decades of decline, said Helen Davis Johnson, vice president of community activation at Rock Ventures.Employees can volunteer unlimited hours on company time for nearly 250 approved causes across metro Detroit.The DPS project was sparked by problems Detroit's hospitals had with getting high school transcripts and health records of job applicants who attended Detroit schools that have long been closed. John Hospital, Detroit Medical Center were rescinding job offers to Detroiters because DPS had delays of up to three months to produce a copy of a former student's academic records, said Jeff Donofrio, executive director of workforce development for Mayor Mike Duggan. "Who's going to scan these million pieces of paper? "Well, only one person in town had that many people — so we went to Dan Gilbert." Quicken's involvement is saving DPS "a huge amount of money," Donofrio said.CITI Camp will also utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training as a pathway out of poverty in coordination with the Summer Strategy for career-focused internships.