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“We’ve got to do a better job,” school board President Gene Bouie admitted.

It is important to respond to the Deaf survivors' needs in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

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After breaking up with her boyfriend, 26-year-old India Morse, a U.K.-based fitness blogger who was born deaf, was looking for a way to get over her ex and re-channel her energy.“As of the date of the investigation, no documentation was provided that PT services were initiated for the two students in question.” Like in the case with PT, Trenton contended it was providing OT services for its students at Katzenbach, but failed to provide any documentation when the OT services started and who was providing the services.Further troubling, neither Trenton nor Katzenbach provided the state investigator copies of students’ IEPs indicating the number of OT and PT sessions the students were entitled to receive weekly and the information about the total services missed for each student.“Katzenbach should take an active role and work and work cooperatively with Trenton to procure OT and PT for all enrolled students whose IEPs require the services.” Both Trenton and Katzenbach were determined noncompliant and DOE ordered corrective action.

The advocacy group that filed the complaint, however, put the all blame on Trenton’s shoulders.“The contracted therapists could not keep up with the in-district case load therefore it is impossible for them to provide services at Katzenbach,” Whitfield said.“Shifting the blame to Katzenbach is not the answer either because ultimately these are Trenton students and Trenton Public Schools has an legal obligation to ensure that these student receive the services by any means necessary.” Trenton was hit with numerous special education violations last year.“I would like to be the final winner,” Di Marco said. Maybe in another venue, or another kind of reincarnation.You know, another approach to the modeling world.”“I'm just kind of trying to figure out which agency I want to sign with,” Di Marco admitted. and then hopefully working with big companies, whether it's modeling brands or, you know, acting. I want to break more barriers, truly.” “Well, right now, I'm single,” Di Marco confessed.“The district has literally ignored the mute and the destitute by allowing the hearing impaired to go without their related services for over a year or more.” According to the report, Katzenbach provided a list of six Trenton students whose Individualized Education Programs (IEP), a legal plan schools must abide by to meet the needs of a student with special needs, required OT and PT services that were not received “either at all, or at various times dating back to April 27, 2016.” Trenton did not disagree that students were entitled to OT, but claimed two students received PT by outlining one received the service throughout the year while the other accomplished his PT goals and was discharged from the program, the report states.