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Tutorial on Safer Contact Forms Without CAPTCHA’s Demo Code “So now my forms are 100% secure and I can use and feel safe? Now listen carefully, dear friend: This technique, although strong, is a cure for a weak form processor.

My attitude towards securing a contact form is to use multiple methods on both the server side and the client side so that a spammer is going to have to invest an enormous amount of resources to even come close to succeeding with their evil plot.

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I got great responses from the tutorial for Table Striping Made Easy so I’ve decided to do another “walk through” tutorial with screen grabs.It’s a little time consuming, but hey, you’re worth it. This security concept is based on a key assumption: Spammers would prefer to go after the “low hanging fruit” than spend all day trying to crack a tricky contact form.Whether you’re looking for casual dates or something a little more kinky, sign up for free and find sizzling events, sex parties or get to know sexy like-minded people in Sex Talk - our erotic forum.Disclaimer: has a zero-tolerance policy against ch*ld pornography.You notice that spammers have been remotely probing your contact forms for vulnerabilities… You don’t want to use CAPTCHA’s (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) because you communication – not encourage it.

Bottom line: you want to make life tough for the Bad Guys and super simple for the Good Guys.

You’re going to use j Query to add some hidden tag information to the contact form when the page loads.

When the form is sent to the processor, you’ll use some simple PHP code to verify the following: In other words, your visitor will have a limited amount of time (specified by you) to fill in the form and send it.

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And if a spammer tries to post information to your form processor remotely they’re going to hit a big fat roadblock. What I’m going to share with you is a modified concept I read from a very smart fellow named Chris Shiflett.