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Singaflirts might not make it easy to unsubscribe, but it is certainly possible and therefore I can only say - no scam The site profiles are correct but the answers you receive from the persons that you have emailed are computer written.You can pay by Paypal but they will continue debit your Paypal account when your membership expires.

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Obviously I thought I had been defrauded and contacted the credit card company who arranged a chargeback and filed a report on Action Fraud.

Then I received a notification from Single Artists Dating threatening me with debt collectors and demanding compensation for the chargeback claiming that I was libel for all fees even if my claim was warranted which was apparently what I signed up to when I joined the website!

dont give them a cent I had subscribed to, which is hosted by Dating Factory Limited.

The termination process required a form to be faxed to a UK fax number - but who has a fax these days.

) some are pretty smart, they take their time (and yours! Please also report them, the more of us who do it the more likely they'll act against these low life's who heartlessly play on people's needs for profit I went to Lesbian Singles

I thought I had used them years ago and decided to check them out again.

Joined one of their sites for a month and cancelled.

Still charged me for two more months and ignored all of my e-mails to stop charging me.


You will get nothing in return, only frustration and then anger when you realise you have been scammed!

Please do some research on the global online dating fraud - fake profiles, how they lure you to pay for nothing, how they fake whole websites (they call it "pre-populated" dating websites - which means anyone can rent a dating website from them and they will make it available to you with hundreds of pre-existing fake profiles and then split profits with you) with only monetary gain in sight. except it's the same deal for a site they own named (I like feet) It's $#*!