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No more wondering what to do with the babysitter or how to be a FUN babysitter, we’ve done all the work for you! The kids will be so excited to find out what’s in the bag that they won’t be sad when you leave! This Babysitter in a Bag set is the first of a series of amazing kids activities that will have your little ones you to leave on date night!

Just print out this super fun babysitter activities pack and let the sitter take care of the rest. All of the activities are easy to prep and can be placed in a bag – ready for the babysitter to start the fun!

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You can choose from: The perfect place to keep all of the important information your babysitter needs to know in one convenient location!

Things like emergency contact information for babysitters and other important information for babysitters can be inserted into a binder and left on the counter for easy access.

Our first Babysitter in a Bag printable pack takes your kids on an amazing So much fun right?

There is plenty to do to keep the kids busy and having a blast! I used to be best friends with Nash, the oldest, but then we drifted apart. Why not." I said grabbing my sweater and pulling it over my head." Hayes and I talked for the minute walk. I was home alone and thought maybe it was one of my friends. The Grier's lived next to me and seemed like a nice family. Bu-" "My mom was wondering if you could come over for a few minutes." "Um sure. I'd give her a hell of a tip after a fuck like that. Getting everything organized to leave the house for a date night can be STRESSFUL!If you haven’t heard of a babysitting co-op you must check out our post on How To Organize a Baby-sitting Co-op!