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Then again you'll also be a lot older so there will be a whole other set of issues you'll be faced with.i would date a woman with kids, just not 4 kids, cause I have none and want one, and with four under her belt, there aint any room for another one. He is a very beautiful man and he was younger than her... There is hope, but the guy is probably going to have kids of his own. A man that doesn't have prior experience with kids (I. Is comfortable being low on the totem pole of attention) probably isn't going to want to get involved with that kind of baggage. That is, there is a lot of options and the opposite sex competes for your attention. It's hard enough for me to find a girl that likes me, then tell her I am divorced with'd think I grew a third eye or something..I look younger than 30, so it's hard to get 30-something women to date, and forget the 20-somethings, they are too young.

I think you have hope in men that have or dont want kids though. Just ended a years long relationship with a mother of four, 10 years older than you. Single men with no children may be looking to start a family, not complete another. I would go out on casual dates with any interesting woman. If you can establish that boundary you can increase your potential dating pool. It's not like the future man in your life will get any less love from you.

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I am a single mother of an Autistic child and as soon as a guy knows what is wrong with my child, they leave and use something else as an exuse.The guys that you are meeting, arent worth your time!!Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate.Does anyone have any bad or good experience with this topic?Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Any dating site should have search filters to accomplish that, so you will have a head start right there.

If you didn’t have kids, how could you possibly understand the ins and outs of raising children? And, as you know, I am now married to a man who did not have any kids. ) So, when I recently heard from a man who’s dating a single mom, I paused because the story sounded similar to mine. She wants him to be a part of their lives, “but she uses the phrase ‘baby steps’ a lot, which says to me… And I don’t want to leave, so I guess I’m resigned to giving the relationship more time.” If you’re a single mom, have you ever dated a man without kids? If you’re a single guy (I know that some of you DO read this blog!

That will hopefully be a blessing for you in the long run when you meet one of the best. I start to talk to guys and right off the bat I tell them.

And I hear "I'm so sorry to hear that" or "how sad". And that drives me crazy, I dont feel sorry for my self or my child or my other child.

My ex husband and i broke up because of our children, he could not accept that he had 2 children that were special needs, it was an embarrasment for him, which just makes him a total P.... Because of this I hv been vary weary about going out with guys, and most the guys i speak to do freek out when i mention i hv 2 kids with special needs, and I must admit i just piss them off and never speak to them again, they r just after one thing.