Dating website for jehovahs witnesses dating an older man advice

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They certainly don't do what they do, for the money .

I don't doubt that they have some structured procedures for what they do .

All I can do ,is form an opinion based on the ones that kept showing up on my door.

These in particular did not seem judgemental at all, and really, love them or hate them , how many people could actually pick up a bible and go around to stangers houses ,and talk about God?

They indeed, are true experts of the bible.i'm dying laughing, jw organization is as corrupt as they come.......

their members are in fear of being dis-fellowshipped, so they submit to all kinds of abuse, and predictions that must go door to door to stay ''active'', or they loose their priviliges and are condemned to loose their everlasting life by the leadership........

they turn in the amount of time required to their elders, where it is recorded in their file for review.......

when they talk to someone, they count every second, because they must get their quota for the are experts at the watchtower doctrines, not the bible......governing body of jws has changed the quotes of the apostles in the new testiment to include the name ''jehovah''think they know more than the apostles, and have no fear to change the written of their predictions have failed, starting with jesus return in 1874claim to be the one and only ''true relilgion''.......''appointed by god''.........

I wish I had the level of devoution and discipline they they seem to have.

To spread the message of the bible to strangers even though they are persecuted ,and quite often rejected, yet they keep on ,keeping on, because the message of the bible moves them that much.

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