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Service turn-up and delivery mean nothing if customer payment cannot take place.

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Traditional "stovepipe" billing systems gather one type of data, aggregate it, apply rates appropriate for the type of service, and generate single-service invoices that may include both one-time fees and recurring flat-rate, usage sensitive, distance-based, time-sensitive, and class-of-service charges.Billing systems are also responsible for applying promotions, discounts, tax calculations, credits and adjustments, handling collections, account suspension/reactivation due to non-payment, and reporting.In a highly competitive market, providers must seek new service differentiators to stand out from the crowd.Convergent billing helps a CLEC leverage its position as a next generation service provider by allowing distinctly different services to be priced and invoiced together, with new combinations created quickly to reflect market changes.Who among us hasn't experienced the frustration of being shunted from one department to another and back again when trying to resolve a problem, ask a question, or add, modify, or delete a telecommunications service?

Multi-service providers who successfully create a unified view of each customer gain a competitive edge that helps them hold onto existing customers and attract new ones.

Reading this article we also can take an idea that the meaning of the name of the product Singl.e View The Who, What, and Why of Convergent Billing By Lisa Phifer Core Competence, Inc.

To cover this topic we are going to refer to the article “The Who, What, and Why of Convergent Billing” By Lisa Phifer This article was wrote a long time ago, but it´s enough to understand the meaning.

Convergent Billing is an old topic, but we are going to explain for all the people that are newbie to the billing systems.

Carriers know that billing is where the rubber meets the road.

What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander Multi-service CLECs also stand to benefit internally from convergent billing through improved operational efficiency, flexibility, and economy of scale.