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- They hate and resent foreigners, people on welfare, and most of their neighboring countrymen.

Forget about the Yugoslavs, the Russians, even the East Germans (i.e.

“somehow been given the world police status” The fact that most of the world dislikes USA because they act like they’re the world police completely by their own rules, combined with the above statement, is telling. “we do glorify standing up to bullies and going against the grain” How is that self image possible? There is only one empire left today which pretty much dictates the “grain”. but im not very political, so i offer you my notions on germans: Germans love beer. Are they so stunted and immature that they’d like this lower-than-Benny-Hill stuff? - The national efficiency is true - to the point of ridiculusness and arrogance.

Now you got to this position solely by spending insane fortunes on military forces. I’ve done stuff there on business and had people (once I described what I’d done) look me in the eye and flatly declare: “Impossible.”.

True, but today many Americans want the ability to own guns for self-protection more against criminals than the police. Yes, I was also amused by the fact that Germans are stereotyping Americans. The only time i get concerned about someone else’s guns is when they are pointing them at someone else. ” This coming from a people whose main contributions to world cuisine have been greasy sausages and fermented cabage. Nor is it easy to argue with the current and wide-spread anti-Israeli anti-Jewish sentiments among the majority of Germans 2) German tourists are rude and boorish.

As was said above, Americans are big on standing up to bullies, and being able to protect yourself goes along with that. Um, last time I checked we didn’t try to take over the world and ethnically cleanse it. In my American neighborhood there are far more guns than people and it is one of the safest places in the United States. “Americans are war mongers.” Let’s see, in the 20th Century, Germany started two wars that resulted in the deaths of 80,000,000 people and Americans are the “war mongers”. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to a Spanish resort to find some Fat German, drunk and red faced, yelling at a waiter while his ugly wife is busy taking off her top so as to show the world her flabby, fallen tits. Yes Germany was a warlike state until the end of WW2, but I think now it is quite different, in no small part due to a shared guilt at what they did in WW2.

I was going to list more stuff, but mostly, all of the predjudices I could think of have to do with Germans being rigid and robotic.

Like anything, I know it is really an individual thing.Unitl Germans learn to take themselves much less seriously, I doubt they will attract the kind of capital that the US commands.Right now I would not start a company in Germany because the work force is too uptight, and b/c Germans are too full of themselves.One Quick note: I am not a gun owner and I am all for gun control, but the overwhelming majority of deaths in the US come from motor-vehicle accidents. I am all for a more lax alcohol policy, but I am just trying to let you know why alcohol is villainized in the US. Probably more of a language thing and possibly part of number 2 on this list. Germans are efficient to the point of being robotic.Its hard to argue with a grieving mother who is part of the MAAD organization. Or, basically, Germans are very straight edge and serious.I guess what confuses us is your strictness with alcohol on one hand but a (to us) big laxness when it comes to gun control and driving on the other. The problem with the gun thing is that it is written into our Constitution as the 2nd Ammendmant (part of the Bill of Rights).