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After awhile we miss the kisses, having someone’s head resting on our shoulder, or the warm body next to us in bed.

This lack of physical and emotional intimacy is enough to drive a lot of people into the dating scene.

Answer questions he or she may have about your marriage but don’t spend all your time talking about the dead or how happy you were. And who knows, he or she might make you incredibly happy for years to come.

Constantly talking about the past, may make it seem like you’re not ready to move on and start a new relationship.

Throughout our entire date I kept looking around to see if there was anyone in the restaurant I knew.

I thought that if someone saw me out with another woman, the first thing they’d do is run and tell my dead wife what I was up to.

If you find yourself forgetting simple dating etiquette, don’t worry about it. You’ll be surprised how fast your dating legs return. Defend your date You may discover when once the family and friends learn you’re dating again they may not treat this new woman or man in your life very well.

Most dates would understand if they knew it had been awhile since you dated. The treatment may come in the form of a cold shoulder at family activities or constantly talking about the deceased wife in front of the date.Whatever you do, don’t let others tell you you’re moving too fast or waiting too long.Make sure it’s something you’re really ready to try before taking that step. But five months was when I felt ready to at least test the dating waters.Grieving and the process of moving on is something that’s unique to each person.Some people take years, others weeks, and then there are those who choose never to date again.Give dating a break and try dating again when you might be more up to the task. It’s okay to talk about the deceased spouse – just don’t overdo it Unless you’re good friends or have known your date previously, he or she is going to be naturally curious about your spouse and previous marriage.