Dating technique

I ate some of that contaminated mess and mostly smeared it on me. So as you can see there I had options of what I could do with it.

Last year in a nutshell, I managed to grab a big load of scat from the town’s only real park porta potty. So not many people will use this one until the later months. Could be the danger, the unknown, the smell, the idea that someone has ate food, carried this around in their gut and let it out for me to harvest.

It is this: that before you finish with your search you will have acquired a huge heap of notes, manuscripts, pictures, photostats, maps and even strange little penciled scraps of paper that came from goodness knows where.

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REMEMBER, RETAIN ALL PERTINENT DATA AND FILE IT IN AN INTELLIGENT, ORGANIZED MANNER SO THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO FIND IT WHEN YOU NEED IT! One eight-and-a-half by eleven inches in size is preferable because it is not only convenient to carry, but you can insert and rearrange all your correspondence, typewritten papers, photostats and other valuable notes and papers with a minimum of trouble.Many genealogists also carry a smaller pocket size for jotting down notes and information when traveling.Perhaps your family tree has on its branches a Revolutionary soldier, a Governor, or a representative in the state legislature.You may even have a Mayflower ancestor or a first family of Virginia.I shall mention them,however, because I know from experience that even people who have been working for years on their family history have not developed standard systems of research and have not provided themselves with practical tools for their work.

BEFORE YOU START In starting out in genealogical research you must be aware of one important fact.Compiling a genealogy requires care, skill and labor. If you make these tests and exercise this care, you can call yourself a genealogist. (Sons of the American Revolution), or some other patriotic society. Or, finally, the aim may be simply the fun connected with research - the pure joy of the search and interest in uncovering unusual things.The genealogist must test every bit of information in relation to possibility, probability and from the various viewpoints of history, geography, physiology, logic, and the other sciences. TOOLS and TECHNIQUE of GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH Many a man has set out to trace his family history only to end up three or four years later in a state of greater confusion than when he started. Most people pursue one or more of these aims with a grim seriousness that often threatens to obscure their satisfaction when they finally do accomplish their end.Throughout these pages I shall make frequent reference to various types of tools and their use.Some of the things I will tell you are very simple and obvious. I’ll save this post and draft the rest later with the results and pictures! I’m about 3 strong drinks in and I’m at the right mood to enjoy this haul. As you can see it’s a delicious and dangerous scat mix of someone’s shit and habits.